Our Approach to Farming

Responsible and Transparent

We live on the land we farm and eat more of the produce we grow than anyone. To that end, we do the best we can to grow our crops in a manner that is responsible to the land and the consumer. We don't have all of the answers, but we are always learning. We feel good about our practices. We implement organic methods, conserve water, try to minimize inputs into the farm as we are constantly trying to improve our sust‚Äčainability. We take as many cues from nature as possible, encouraging beneficial plants and insects to do as much work as they can.  In the end, we are completely transparent in what we do and are happy to share all that we do.

  Napa Sown. Napa Grown.

Napa Valley Seed

One of the biggest challenges we face in our desire to grow a very diverse array of crops is saving seeds. While we have been saving seeds for much of the produce we grow, we do meet certain limitations in time, space and logistics. While they are many sources for seeds out there, we are many times disappointed with the quality of the seeds or the simply that the seed was not adapted to our local environment. Much of our best quality produce comes from the plants for which  we have been saving seeds. To improve the quality and consistency of our produce, while at the same time make us more sustainable, we have started a new project. Napa Valley Seed is our effort to create a diverse array of high quality food crop seeds adapted to our local environment and soils for our community. If you would like more information about this project or would like to participate, please visit www.napavalleyseed.com or contact us.

Full Table Farm is a small wife and husband ran farm just  south of the Town of Yountville. The farm started at the end of 2010 after a very bountiful summer garden. It was that garden that showed us the joys of growing and sharing the rewards our land could offer. It also revealed, that like us, many people were looking for responsibly grown, high quality produce for their homes and restaurants alike.

The farm keeps getting larger each year and we keep learning more, trying new things and making improvements in order to provide the best product we can. We always enjoy connecting with people and sharing what we do. If you would like to visit us or are interested in our produce, please contact us.

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About Us

Scroll down or check out www.napavalleyseed.com to read more about our newest project.